Sunday, 15 May 2011

trains trucks cars

Scrap The Boys:
Scrap a collection

For a 2 year old Korbin has an extensive collection of wheels. cars, trucks, trains, he loves them all equally. 

i thought it only fit to have him take the photos himself and i scrap them. these were the toys he picked and photos he took with little to no help from his ma.

i have tried to give the page a 'garage' feel to it, using bits one may find in a tool box, or on the ground of a mechanics shed.


  1. woohoo MIchelle..that is awesome.. and fantastic that Korbin took the photos..woohoo

  2. I love how you got the guts to let a 2yr old use your camera - geez I dunno if i would give mine to Alecia - well done